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More durable, beautiful epoxy floor alternative.

Hello Garage of Memphis Before & After Photos

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Epoxy floor alternative in Collierville, Tn. 8/1/22

Customer in Collierville, Tn wanted his garage / home gym to be more inviting and a place where his kids could also play.  He also needed more room to store items, so we will installed slatwall and shelving so he could get items up off the floor.  Last but not least we put down Marshmellow Creme flake on our epoxy floor alternative product.  

Garage Floor Coatijg Collierville, Tn

Customer in Collierville, Tn has a beautiful home, but a lackluster garage.  His Harleys were spilling oil and staining the concrete as well.  Hello Garage was contracted to come in and put down our Polyaspartic floor coating which does not peel, flake, or yellow.  Customer is thrilled with the new look and enjoys showing it off to his friends.

Solving moisture issues in Collierville

Customer called us because their garage floor was looking bad and developing large cracks.  Moisture was coming up through those cracks and leaving behind a white powdery substance when the water evaporated.  We thoroughly prepped their floor and then repaired all of their cracks so that moisture would no longer come up from the ground.  We topped that off with our Butter Pecan colored polyaspartic floor and voila, a brand new space that is unrecognizable from what is was before.

Work Shop in Collierville, Tn

Customer in Collierville, Tn just got done building a beautiful new home and wanted to put down an attractive and easily cleanable floor in his workshop.  The current floor was plain concrete and was unsightly.  Plus he knew that over time it would look worse and worse.  He contracted Hello Garage to come in and put down a light colored Marshmellow Creme flake polyaspartic floor.  His work shop now looks like an extension of his home and is a place he enjoys spending time.

Garage Make over in Byhalia, Ms

Customer in Byhalia as tired of the way her garage looked.  It was ugly and did not want to be in there at all, much less enter and leave her house from the garage.  She contacted Hello Garage and we put down our polyaspartic flooring solution.  Voila, she now loves her garage and is spending more time in it than ever.

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