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Hello Garage of Memphis is Collierville, TN’s go-to garage pros, offering garage storage solutions, garage floor coatings and garage accessories. Not only is Hello Garage of Memphis committed to providing you with only the leading products in the industry, but we are also dedicated to offering you an exceptional installation experience that you’ll want to tell your friends about!

Transform your garage from your junk drawer to your front door! Contact us today at 1-844-770-1351 or complete the provided form to schedule your free estimate. We are thrilled to serve Collierville, TN and areas nearby in Shelby County.

Garage Solutions in Collierville

Collierville, TN garage transformation by Hello Garage of Memphis.

Collierville, TN garage transformation by Hello Garage of Memphis.

We focus on the aspects of your garage that make the most impact when perfected. That is why we offer high-quality garage floor coatings, garage storage solutions, and garage accessories. Read on to learn more about our reliable services!

  • Garage Floor Coatings: We offer a SparTek™ Floor Coating Solution that resembles the look and strength of granite and can be installed in about a day! 
  • Garage Storage: Our Storage System is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable.
  • Garage Accessories: Our Slatwall Sets, track system and other accessories are crafted to take your garage to the next level.

Better-Than-Epoxy Garage Coating in Collierville

So many garage renovation companies and homeowners rely on garage epoxy coating for their garage floors but we have something even better! Our experts spent countless hours researching epoxy coating alternatives, landing on our expertly-crafted Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating System. 

Benefits of our Epoxy Coating Alternative:

  • Higher quality
  • Durability
  • UV-resistant
  • Quick-curing
  • Non-peeling
  • 100% polyaspartic
  • Commercial-grade garage floor coating

Never worry about your garage floor coating peeling or fading when you partner with Hello Garage of Memphis. Give us a call at 1-844-770-1351 or fill out the form below to schedule your free garage floor coating estimate in Collierville, TN.

Professional Garage Storage Solutions in Collierville

Many homeowners contact us when they are in need of a state-of-the-art storage solution that will help them overcome endless garage clutter. We've got more than a few options, so we can tailor the solution to your space!

  • Garage shelving
  • Garage cabinets
  • Garage slatwall
  • Workbench with pegboard backing
  • And plenty more!

What’s better than a storage solution that is completely your own? Reach out to us today or simply click below to schedule your free garage storage installation estimate in and around Collierville, TN.

Job Stories From Collierville, TN
Non-Slip Garage Floor In Piperton, TN

Josh's garage floor was damaged and had a dangerous tendency to become slippery when wet. He contacted Hello Garage of Memphis to discuss our flooring option and see if it would be a successful solution. Our Garage Gurus gave him the confidence he needed and our Dream team got to work transforming his garage. We installed a 100% polyaspartic solution with beautiful specks to give his garage floor a non-slip surface. Schedule a free consultation today in Piperton, TN.

Polyaspartic Coating Seals Your Garage Floor In Collierville, TN

Clint's garage floor looked stained after years of heavy traffic in and out. So he contacted Hello Garage of Memphis to see if our flooring solution would be a good fit for his garage in Collierville, TN. Our polyaspartic floor coating seals your garage floors, leaving them durable and stain-free! Contact our Garage Gurus to schedule a free consultation!

Bring Life To Your Garage With Organization In Collierville, TN

This homeowner had house goals that included a functional garage for her home in Collierville, TN. Our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Memphis work with you to bring your ideas to life. We installed overhead storage, Slatwall, shelving and a Cookies & Cream polyaspartic floor coating. Begin your garage upgrades by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation!

Polyaspartic Flooring Offers Beautiful Addition To Garage In Collierville, TN

Brett wanted his garage to have more flare for his home in Collierville, TN. He was excited about the opportunities after hiring Hello Garage of Memphis. Our Dream Team coated his concrete floors with our 100% polyaspartic solution to bring life back to his garage. Bring your garage goals to life by scheduling a free consultation!

Attractive And Durable Garage Floor In Collierville, TN

A homeowner in Collierville, TN needed its epoxy floor upgraded because it was not handling the high traffic well. Our Dream Team removed their old epoxy floor and replaced it with our durable epoxy alternative. This alternative is 100% polyaspartic and not only attractive but capable of handling high-traffic areas. Discover all the benefits of a polyaspartic solution by scheduling a free consultation!

Slatwall And Floating Shelf In Collierville, TN Garage

A customer in Collierville, TN wanted to improve their garage's look with our Garage Gurus' help. [Company] utilized our storage and flooring solutions to bring life back to their garage and help them achieve their goals. We installed a custom Slatwall with hook accessories and a floating shelf. Schedule a free consultation today!

Protect Your Garage In Collierville, TN

Tammy wanted her garage floors remodeled to remove stains accumulated over the years in Collierville, TN. Hello Garage of Memphis offers an epoxy alternative that protects high-traffic areas and makes them stain-resistant! Schedule your free estimate with our Garage Gurus!

Contact Our Garage Gurus In Collierville, TN

Keith and his wife were excited to upgrade the look of their garage in Collierville, TN. After speaking with our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Memphis, they were excited for our crew to start. We installed their Butter Pecan polyaspartic floors, leaving them with a durable, easy-to-clean garage floor. Schedule your free consultation!

Garage Floor With A Lifetime Of Durability In Collierville, TN

A customer wanted to improve the look of their garage by coating their floors with a durable solution in Collierville, TN. Our Dream Team used our Butter Pecan polyaspartic flooring system to coat their garage floors for a lifetime of durability! Discover all the benefits of our polyaspartic flooring system by scheduling a free consultation!

Slatwall Storage Solution In Collierville, TN

Hello Garage of Memphis provides homeowners with storage solutions to organize their home's garage. Homeowners in Collierville, TN needed a solution to help make their garage more functional. We installed our Slatwall storage solution with accessories to lift their storage items off the floor, giving their garage more usable space. Discover the perfect solutions for your home by scheduling a free consultation! 

Polyaspartic Garage Floor In Collierville, TN

Hello Garage of Memphis specializes in flooring solutions that bring life back to your garage. Ella consulted with our Garage Gurus to design the garage she had longed for in Collierville, TN. We installed a durable polyaspartic flooring system in Mint Chip. Schedule a free consultation with us today and discover all the possibilities for your garage!

Top Of The Line Garage Floor In Collierville, TN

Homeowners in Collierville, TN wanted to upgrade their garage floors. They contacted our Garage Gurus to see our top-of-the-line flooring solutions. After viewing all eight color choices, they decided on a handsome neutral Butter Pecan. We installed their new 100% polyaspartic flooring to keep their garage floors looking brand new for years to come. Schedule a free consultation today!


Garage / Home Gym in Collierville, Tn

Chris in Collierville is into fitness and his garage doubles as a place to park cars and place to work out.  His garage floor was stained, dirty and the concrete was developing cracks.  If he was going to spend time in the garage, he wanted to feel good about the space he was in.  We installed our Marshmellow Creme flake polyaspartic floor and totally transformed his garage.  We also added slatwall and shelving to boot.  Now there is no clutter on the floor and Chris can workout to his hearts content and feel like he is in a comfortable space while doing so.

Garage Storage And Flooring Solutions In Collierville, TN

Christopher's garage became the junk drawer of his home in Collierville, TN. So, he contacted Hello Garage of Memphis to view our line of commercial-grade storage and flooring solutions. Our Dream Team installed a floating shelf storage system, a custom Slatwall with hooks and a Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic floor coating. Start working with our Garage Gurus by scheduling a free consultation! 

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