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Garage Floor Coating Company in Germantown, TN

Germantown Garage Floor Coatings & Storage

Considering a garage makeover? We have you covered! Hello Garage of Memphis offers high-performance garage floor coatings, storage and accessories to Tennessee homeowners in Germantown and nearby. Our state-of-the-art garage renovation solutions will help you totally transform your space.

Let Hello Garage of Memphis help you reimagine your garage with good-looking and reliable floor coatings, garage cabinets and more. Contact us today at 1-844-770-1351 or click below to schedule your free garage renovation estimate. We are proud to serve Germantown, TN and areas nearby in Shelby County.

Featured Garage Makeovers in Germantown

Pewter floor in Germantown, Tn
Pewter floor in Germantown, Tn
Pewter floor in Germantown, Tn
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Peppercorn Flake in Germantown, TN
Peppercorn Flake in Germantown, TN
Peppercorn Flake in Germantown, TN
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Blue Taupe Polyaspartic concrete coating in Germantown, TN
Blue Taupe Polyaspartic concrete coating in Germantown, TN
Blue Taupe Polyaspartic concrete coating in Germantown, TN
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Peppercorn Polyaspartic concrete coating in Germantown, TN
Peppercorn Polyaspartic concrete coating in Germantown, TN
Peppercorn Polyaspartic concrete coating in Germantown, TN
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Happy Customers Surrounding Germantown, TN

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Better-Than-Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Germantown Garage Floor Coatings

Are you considering garage epoxy for your damaged concrete floor? While it popular option, epoxy coatings are prone to damage and are likely to peel and yellow over time. Hello Garage of Memphis offers a better option: our high-performance garage floor coating system. We designed our innovative floor coating using polyaspartic technology, which outperforms traditional epoxy floor coatings in nearly every way. It’s stronger, more durable, better looking and longer lasting. Our epoxy alternative also comes in a wide variety of colors, can be installed in just one day and is backed by an industry-leading warranty — what more could you ask for?

Your garage floor can make or break your space. With a polyaspartic garage floor coating from Hello Garage of Memphis, your garage will look better than ever! Contact us at 1-844-770-1351 or online to schedule a free garage floor coating estimate in Germantown, TN or nearby.

Configurageable Garage Storage Solutions

Garage Storage in Germantown, TN

Need better options for garage storage in Germantown? We can help with that too! We’re no strangers to garage clutter and we know just how quickly things can pile up, despite the best of intentions. Whether you use your garage exclusively for storage, as a workspace or something else, our warranty-protected garage storage solutions will help you master the clutter once and for all.

From garage cabinets and heavy-duty steel shelving to sleek slatwall and track systems — we’ve got options! Better yet, they’re configurable! Our Garage Gurus will help you mix and match our garage storage solutions to optimize your storage and create a totally unique space.

Garage Organization & Accessories

Garage Organization & Accessories

At Hello Garage of Memphis, we know the details matter. After all, what good does a decked-out garage do if you can’t keep it organized? That’s where our innovative garage wall organization solutions and accessories come in!

We offer aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable garage slatwall sets and wall track systems to transform the feel and function of your space. With an array of mix-and-match accessories, you can rest easy knowing every item has a place.

Schedule a free estimate in Germantown, TN or nearby today!

Job Stories From Germantown, TN
Remodel Your Germantown, TN Garage Today

A Germantown, TN homeowner called Hello Garage of Memphis and is interested in remodeling his garage. After putting effort into building his shelving and a new step into his garage from his home, he trusted us to take his dream to the next level! Our Dream Team at Hello Garage completed his garage with a beautiful polyaspartic floor coating.

Upgraded Garage Floor In Germantown, TN

This Germantown, TN homeowner called and said they wanted to upgrade their garage floor. The garage required some love because of some minor cracks and wide seams. Hello Garage was able to fully prep the floor for a fresh polyaspartic coating! Now, the garage is more durable and colorful!

Improve Any Germantown, TN Space With Hello Garage

This Germantown, TN, homeowner wanted to improve the workshop behind his home. He knew he wanted a durable floor to hold heavy equipment and catch the occasional oil spills. Hello Garage of Memphis coated his concrete shop floor with polyaspartic floor coating. Now the floor is durable, easy to clean and won't chip or peel! Schedule a free estimate today!

Mint Chip Polyaspartic Upgrade In Germantown, TN

Robyn seemed ready to commit after a free estimate with our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Memphis. She wanted us to convert the garage to allow her to extend the living space for her home in Germantown, TN. Our Dream Team installed a Mint Chip polyaspartic flooring solution. Start your home projects by scheduling a free consultation today!

Replacing Your Old Garage Floor In Germantown, TN

Neal received a few quotes to upgrade his garage floor in Germantown, TN. After speaking with our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Memphis, he was impressed with the quality of our solutions and excited to get started. Our Dream Team removed his old floor coating and replaced it with a durable, long-lasting polyaspartic coating.

Slatwall Garage Organization In Eads, TN

Cleanliness was a priority for homeowners in Eads, TN. So they scheduled a free consultation with Hello Garage of Memphis to learn about our flooring and storage solutions. After their consultation, they were convinced our products were the perfect match. We installed a Slatwall with accessories for the perfect garage organization! Open up the possibilities for your garage organization by scheduling a free consultation!

Clean Your Garage With Ease In Germantown, TN

Germantown, TN homeowner wanted a garage floor she could easily keep clean. Hello Garage of Memphis offers a flooring solution made with 100% polyaspartic, which creates a coating resistant to stains and won't damage easily. Our homeowner was thrilled with her new garage floor so schedule your free consultation today!

Store Your Items Out Of The Way In Germantown, TN

Trey was excited to begin his garage organization in Germantown, TN. Hello Garage of Memphis's Garage Gurus introduced them to our customizable storage solutions. Our Dream Team installed a Slatwall with accessories and a drop zone so he could easily store his items out of the way safely! Schedule your free consultation today!

Easily Installed Durable Garage Floor In Germantown, TN

Linda has done some garage floor projects independently, but her epoxy solutions have issues in Germantown, TN. She wanted an epoxy alternative she could rely on, so she contacted Hello Garage of Memphis. Our Dream Team installed a Chocolate Chip polyaspartic coating that's more durable and easily installed. Discover all the benefits of using polyaspartic compared to epoxy when you schedule a free consultation!

Butter Pecan Polyaspartic Flooring In Germantown, TN

Betty had a small and large garage that she wanted our Dream Team to upgrade in Germantown, TN. Hello Garage of Memphis works with homeowners to reimagine your garage space with our commercial-grade solutions. Betty's garages received our Butter Pecan polyaspartic floor coating. Contact our Garage Gurus and schedule your free consultation!

Stain Free And Warranty Protected Garage In Germantown, TN

A Germantown, TN garage floor was in significant need of an upgrade. After consulting with Hello Garage of Memphis's Garage Gurus, this homeowner was excited for us to get to work. Our Dream Team installed a beautiful Cookies & Cream polyaspartic flooring, giving her a floor that would be stain-resistant and warranty-protected! Contact us today for your free consultation!

Beige Base Butter Pecan Garage Floor In Germantown, TN

Improving the look of her garage floors was a top priority for Lindsey. She scheduled a free consultation with Hello Garage of Memphis in hopes of finding the perfect flooring solution. We installed our durable polyaspartic flooring system in our beige base, Butter Pecan. Her garage floors will look brand new for years to come in Germantown, TN. Contact us to schedule your free consultation!

Removing And Installing A New Garage Floor Coating In Germantown, TN

We strive to be the best in removing and installing garage floors at Hello Garage of Memphis. Our Garage Gurus want to provide customers with the garage of their dreams in Germantown, TN. That's why homeowners contacted us to upgrade their garage floors. Our Dream Team removed their older coating and installed durable polyaspartic flooring in our exclusive color. Schedule a free estimate and discover all eight of our polyaspartic flooring colors!

Storage to Keep Garage Organized In Germantown, TN

Trey and his wife wanted to change their garage to make it more appealing in Germantown, TN. Our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Memphis were the perfect match to help them create the ideal space. We installed a custom Slatwall with accessories and drop zone storage to lift their household things off their new 100% polyaspartic floors. Discover all the benefits of our storage and flooring solutions by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation today!

Garage floor and cabinets in Germantown, Tn

Client called us out because their garage floor was stained and not appealing.  They also had a lot of things laying on the ground that they wanted to get out of the way and hidden behind cabinet doors.  We came in and gave them our Butter Pecan flake polyaspartic floor that comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Our floors are a polyurea alternative that will not chip, peel, flake or yellow.  Now their garage is an extension of their home and a space that they to spend time in.  They get a good feeling every time they pull into their garage.

Garage Floor and lighting in Germantown, Tn

Customer contacted us after they had to do work on the slab of their house.  The contractor had to saw cut the concrete in order to access the plumbing lines that needed to be fixed.  The result was an unsightly garage floor that had patchwork all over it.


We came in a diamond grinded the floor to make it smooth and open so our polyaspartic floor could bind well with it..  We also repaired all cracks and seems to prevent future issues.  We put down our Butter Pecan flake color and the result was a beautiful floor that was inviting for the customer and felt like an extension of their home.  Due to poor lighting in the garage, we added two LED light bulbs that made the garage pop and come to life.  


The customer now has a garage that they enjoy spending time in and get a warm feeling every time they pull into the garage.

Improving Your Garage In Germantown, TN

Our clients in Germantown, TN wanted to improve the look of their garage. It had been years since their garage looked presentable and they loved the products at Hello Garage of Memphis. So our Dream Team installed a custom Slatwall with crossbar hooks, a drop zone and a Cookies & Cream polyaspartic flooring solution. Our homeowners were thrilled to show off their new garage! Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today! 

Easy To Clean And Maintain Garage In Memphis, TN

Our client in Memphis, TN contacted our Garage Gurus to inquire more about our garage solutions. Her goal was to clean up her garage and pick solutions to help her maintain that cleanliness. Our Dream Team installed an adjustable overhead light, storage cabinets and a durable 100% polyaspartic floor. Schedule a free consultation today! 

Garage That's Easy To Clean And Maintain In Germantown, TN

Rebecca wanted a clean garage to use for events in Germantown, TN. Unfortunately, her garage was hard to keep clean, so she contacted our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Memphis. We offer a polyaspartic coating that is resistant to stains, easy to clean and durable. Open up the possibilities for your garage space by scheduling a free estimate! 

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