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Do you have Grizzlies memorabilia, Graceland merchandise or other interesting knick-knacks taking up space in your Memphis garage? Give your garage the upgrade it needs with Hello Garage of Memphis and our durable garage remodeling solutions in Memphis, TN and nearby. We improve the quality of your garage and create an organized space for you to enjoy. A garage is most commonly used as a workstation, a place to park your car, storage space or even a personal gym! No matter what you use your garage for, a cluttered garage is simply an eyesore.

Let Hello Garage of Memphis make your garage the ideal space for you! Contact us today to schedule a free garage makeover estimate in Memphis, TN and nearby.

Affordable Garage Remodeling Products & Services in Memphis

At Hello Garage of Memphis, we offer a wide range of garage renovation products and services designed to take your garage to the next level. These industry-leading services and systems include:

  • 100% Polyaspartic Floor Coating
  • Garage Workbenches
  • Garage Shelving
  • Garage Drop Zones
  • Overhead Garage Storage
  • Garage Cabinets
  • Garage Track System
  • Garage Lighting
  • Garage Slatwall Sets

Our reliable services can usually be completed in about a day, so you can get back to enjoying your garage in no time! We ensure you will be satisfied with our experienced installers and their dedication to your issue. Call Hello Garage of Memphis to schedule your free estimate today!

Best Garage Storage Systems To Reduce Clutter In Memphis

Clutter can easily take over any space. Don’t let clutter rule your garage! Let the professionals at Hello Garage of Memphis evaluate your garage and provide you with only the best garage storage options in the industry. We offer a wide range of affordable, attractive and customizable garage storage solutions for you to enjoy, including garage workbenches, overhead storage, cabinets, shelving and more.

Clean up your garage today with the help of Hello Garage of Memphis! Get in touch with us today to schedule a free estimate and take back your garage!

Durable Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating in Memphis

Epoxy is the most well-known garage floor coating in the industry. However, research shows that epoxy flooring is prone to yellowing, cracking, abrasions, chemical burns and other types of damage. Hello Garage of Memphis uses a built-to-last epoxy alternative known as a polyaspartic floor coating. Polyaspartic garage floor coating is the best garage floor coating in the business, made to withstand even the harshest elements. Our new and improved garage floor coating is as durable as it is beautiful! The benefits of polyaspartic garage floor coating include:

  • Highest quality
  • Ultra-durable
  • UV resistant
  • Quick-drying
  • Four stunning colors
  • Peel resistant

Give our specialists at Hello Garage of Memphis a call today to schedule your free, no-obligation garage floor coating installation estimate in Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas!

Job Stories From Memphis, TN
Commercial Bathrooj

Business in Memphis called us because the tile in their bathroom was looking old and worn.  They were planning a refresh to their facility and chose Hello Garage to come in and put down our polyaspartic floor coating in their bathroom.  Our coating is easy for them to clean, slip resistant and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Now they have a new look and have more pride in their workspace.

Commercial Flex Space in Memphis

Commercial business in Memphis has a flex space that can use for lunch breaks, desks, or manufacturing.  Their floor had a ton of cracks and stains on it and was not appealing.  We were able to come in and repair all of the cracks and put down a durable, attractive and easy to clean floor that will last way longer than epoxy floor would.  Customer and employees are much happier working in the space now.

Commercial Break Room in Memphis

Todd with a manufacturing business in Memphis approached us because he was wanting to renovate his employees break room and was wanting to put down a new floor.  Our floor was attractive to him because the price was right, came with a lifetime warranty, was non slip, easy to clean and looked awesome.  Now his employees can feel good about taking their lunch in a clean and comfortable space.

Reliable Flooring In Memphis, TN

A business in Memphis, TN needed flooring that could be easily cleaned to protect their equipment in the printing room. Hello Garage of Memphis offers a 100% polyaspartic coating that protects your floors, is resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily. Discover all the benefits of our flooring solution by scheduling a free consultation! 

Efficient Garage Storage In Memphis, TN

Joshua wanted to transform his garage and effectively utilize all the space on his walls. Our storage solutions at Hello Garage of Memphis allow homeowners to achieve their goals using our commercial-grade solutions. This installation included a Slatwall with various accessories, storage cabinets, a workbench and a floating shelf storage system. Customize your garage storage and schedule a free estimate today! 

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