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Are you looking to transform your Shelby County, TN garage into the functional space you’ve always wanted? No matter your garage makeover idea—from workstation to home gym—Hello Garage of Memphis can help you accomplish it. The possibilities are endless. With Hello Garage of Memphis, your dreams can become a reality. Our versatile garage storage systems will allow you to live a more organized life.

Hello Garage of Memphis offers a wide range of products to enhance the look and functionality of your garage, including effective workbenches, garage shelving and floor coatings. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate in Shelby County, TN and areas nearby!

Long-Lasting Garage Floor Coatings in Shelby County

Garage flooring must be able to withstand anything imaginable. In the past, homeowners have chosen epoxy floor coating for their garage. However, epoxy has proven to be unreliable and does not last. Epoxy floors can crack, flake, peel, fade and even chemically burn. This can create an even bigger headache than clutter. Fortunately, Hello Garage of Memphis offers a durable garage floor coating made from polyaspartic material. You can even customize the floor coating color to fit your design needs! The benefits of our garage floor coating solution include the following:

  • Chemical-resistant for lasting durability
  • Peel and flake resistant
  • Installed in about 24 hours
  • Fade resistant
  • Comes complete with a lifetime warranty

Don’t wait another day to spruce up your garage! Reach out to us at 1-844-770-1351 to schedule your free garage floor coating estimate in Shelby County, TN and beyond!

Shelby County’s Go-To Garage Storage Provider

A garage can be a very useful space when properly organized. We offer the best garage storage systems to reduce clutter. Our storage solutions are customizable and durable. We work to meet your needs and adhere to your terms and budget. The welded-steel storage system ensures that your garage will stay organized for years to come.

Benefits of Hello Garage of Memphis’s Garage Storage Solutions

  • Shelving supports up to 300 pounds when evenly distributed
  • Heavy-duty welded-steel construction prevents sagging and denting
  • Sliding doors provide efficiency and ease
  • Powder-coated gunmetal finish for additional protection
  • Lifetime warranty for all steel products

Your garage can be a comfortable and useful space with the work of our Garage Gurus and Dream Team at Hello Garage of Memphis. Get in touch with us at 1-844-770-1351 today or click below to schedule your free estimate!

Job Stories From Shelby County, TN
Polyaspartic Makeover In Millington, TN

William's garage was in significant need of an upgrade in Millington, TN. His floors had accumulated stains over the years and he was curious about our flooring solutions at Hello Garage of Memphis. Our Dream Team coated his garage with a 100% polyaspartic flooring solution that gives any concrete surface a makeover! Discover all the benefits of our flooring solution by scheduling a free consultation! 

Commercial- Grade Storage In Cordova, TN

Homeowners in Cordova, TN wanted better storage for their garage, so they contacted our Garage Gurus. Hello Garage of Memphis offers functional commercial-grade storage solutions for our clients to organize their spaces better. This client received some overhead storage solutions, a floating shelf, and various shelving for organization. Contact our professionals today to schedule a free consultation! 

Overhead Storage Solution In Cordova, TN

Cordova, TN homeowner wanted a solution to help with the clutter in his garage. Hello Garage of Memphis offers various storage solutions for our clients to choose the ones that fit their lifestyle. For example, we installed overhead storage in this garage to lift their items and keep them out of the way. Discover the perfect solutions for your home by scheduling a free consultation! 

Garage That's Easy To Clean And Maintain In Germantown, TN

Rebecca wanted a clean garage to use for events in Germantown, TN. Unfortunately, her garage was hard to keep clean, so she contacted our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Memphis. We offer a polyaspartic coating that is resistant to stains, easy to clean and durable. Open up the possibilities for your garage space by scheduling a free estimate! 

Bring Life Back To Your Garage In Cordova, TN

Our customer in Cordova, TN wanted a nice garage instead of the ugly concrete she currently had so she could use her space for entertaining. Our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of Memphis helped her design the garage of her dreams. Then, Our Dream Team got to work and installed a Chocolate Chip polyaspartic flooring solution to bring life back to her garage! Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation! 

Garage Storage And Flooring Solutions In Collierville, TN

Christopher's garage became the junk drawer of his home in Collierville, TN. So, he contacted Hello Garage of Memphis to view our line of commercial-grade storage and flooring solutions. Our Dream Team installed a floating shelf storage system, a custom Slatwall with hooks and a Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic floor coating. Start working with our Garage Gurus by scheduling a free consultation! 

Efficient Garage Storage In Memphis, TN

Joshua wanted to transform his garage and effectively utilize all the space on his walls. Our storage solutions at Hello Garage of Memphis allow homeowners to achieve their goals using our commercial-grade solutions. This installation included a Slatwall with various accessories, storage cabinets, a workbench and a floating shelf storage system. Customize your garage storage and schedule a free estimate today! 

Reliable Flooring In Memphis, TN

A business in Memphis, TN needed flooring that could be easily cleaned to protect their equipment in the printing room. Hello Garage of Memphis offers a 100% polyaspartic coating that protects your floors, is resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily. Discover all the benefits of our flooring solution by scheduling a free consultation! 

Easy To Clean And Maintain Garage In Memphis, TN

Our client in Memphis, TN contacted our Garage Gurus to inquire more about our garage solutions. Her goal was to clean up her garage and pick solutions to help her maintain that cleanliness. Our Dream Team installed an adjustable overhead light, storage cabinets and a durable 100% polyaspartic floor. Schedule a free consultation today! 

Improving Your Garage In Germantown, TN

Our clients in Germantown, TN wanted to improve the look of their garage. It had been years since their garage looked presentable and they loved the products at Hello Garage of Memphis. So our Dream Team installed a custom Slatwall with crossbar hooks, a drop zone and a Cookies & Cream polyaspartic flooring solution. Our homeowners were thrilled to show off their new garage! Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today! 

Garage Floor and lighting in Germantown, Tn

Customer contacted us after they had to do work on the slab of their house.  The contractor had to saw cut the concrete in order to access the plumbing lines that needed to be fixed.  The result was an unsightly garage floor that had patchwork all over it.


We came in a diamond grinded the floor to make it smooth and open so our polyaspartic floor could bind well with it..  We also repaired all cracks and seems to prevent future issues.  We put down our Butter Pecan flake color and the result was a beautiful floor that was inviting for the customer and felt like an extension of their home.  Due to poor lighting in the garage, we added two LED light bulbs that made the garage pop and come to life.  


The customer now has a garage that they enjoy spending time in and get a warm feeling every time they pull into the garage.

Garage / Home Gym in Collierville, Tn

Chris in Collierville is into fitness and his garage doubles as a place to park cars and place to work out.  His garage floor was stained, dirty and the concrete was developing cracks.  If he was going to spend time in the garage, he wanted to feel good about the space he was in.  We installed our Marshmellow Creme flake polyaspartic floor and totally transformed his garage.  We also added slatwall and shelving to boot.  Now there is no clutter on the floor and Chris can workout to his hearts content and feel like he is in a comfortable space while doing so.

Commercial Break Room in Memphis

Todd with a manufacturing business in Memphis approached us because he was wanting to renovate his employees break room and was wanting to put down a new floor.  Our floor was attractive to him because the price was right, came with a lifetime warranty, was non slip, easy to clean and looked awesome.  Now his employees can feel good about taking their lunch in a clean and comfortable space.

Commercial Flex Space in Memphis

Commercial business in Memphis has a flex space that can use for lunch breaks, desks, or manufacturing.  Their floor had a ton of cracks and stains on it and was not appealing.  We were able to come in and repair all of the cracks and put down a durable, attractive and easy to clean floor that will last way longer than epoxy floor would.  Customer and employees are much happier working in the space now.

Garage floor and cabinets in Germantown, Tn

Client called us out because their garage floor was stained and not appealing.  They also had a lot of things laying on the ground that they wanted to get out of the way and hidden behind cabinet doors.  We came in and gave them our Butter Pecan flake polyaspartic floor that comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Our floors are a polyurea alternative that will not chip, peel, flake or yellow.  Now their garage is an extension of their home and a space that they to spend time in.  They get a good feeling every time they pull into their garage.

Commercial Bathrooj

Business in Memphis called us because the tile in their bathroom was looking old and worn.  They were planning a refresh to their facility and chose Hello Garage to come in and put down our polyaspartic floor coating in their bathroom.  Our coating is easy for them to clean, slip resistant and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Now they have a new look and have more pride in their workspace.

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